General Commands

The following general commands are available:

Command Description
activeref Select the reference for distance-based masks
clear Clear various objects from the cpptraj state
create Create (but do not yet write) a data file
datafile Used to manipulate data files
datafilter Filter data sets based on given criteria
dataset Use to manipulate data sets
debug | prnlev Set debug level. Higher levels give more info
exit | quit Quit CPPTRAJ
go | run Start a trajectory processing run. Begin trajectory processing, followed by analysis and datafile write.
help Provide help for commands
list List various objects in the CPPTRAJ state
noexitonerror Attempt to continue even if errors are encountered
noprogress Do not print a progress bar during a run
precision Change the output precision of data sets
printdata Print data set to screen
readdata Read data sets from files
readinput Read CPPTRAJ input from a file
removedata Remove specified data set(s)
rst Generate Amber-style distance/angle/torsion restraints
runanalysis Run an analysis immediately or run all queued analyses
select Print the results of an atom mask expression
selectds Print the results of a data set selection expression
silenceactions Prevent Actions from writing information to STDOUT
write | writedata Immediately write data to a file or write to all current data files