Read data sets from files.

readdata <filename> [name <dsname>] 
                    [as <fmt>] 
                    [<format options>]

name <dsname> Name for read-in data set(s). Default is <filename>.
as <fmt> Force <filename> to be read as a specific format using given format keyword.
separate Read each file specified into separate data sets indexed from 0.

Read data from file <filename> and store as data sets. For more information on formats currently recognized by CPPTRAJ. See Data Sets and Data Files.

For example, given the file calc.dat:

#Frame  R0   D1
1       1.7  2.22

The command readdata calc.dat would read data into two data sets, calc.dat:2 (legend set to “R0”) and calc.dat:3 (legend set to “D1”).