Filter data sets based on given criteria

datafilter <dataset arg> min <min> max <max> [out <file> [name <setname>]]

<dataset arg> min <min> max <max> Data set and min/max cutoffs to use; can specify more than once.
[out <file>] Write out to file named <file>.
[name <setname>] Name of filter data set.

Create a data set (optionally named <setname>) containing 1 for data within given <min> and <max> criteria for each specified data set. There must be at least one <min> and <max> argument, and can be as many as there are specified data sets. For example, to read in data from two separate files (d1.dat and a1.dat) and generate a filter data set named FILTER having 1 when d1 is between 0.0 and 3.0 and a1 is between 135.0 and 180.0:

readdata a1.dat name a1
readdata d1.dat name d1
datafilter d1 min 0.0 max 3.0 a1 min 135.0 max 180.0 out filter.dat name FILTER

Note that a similar command that can be used with data generated by Actions during trajectory processing is filter.