Read data files in ensemble mode.

readensembledata <filename> [filenames <additional files>] [<readdata args>]

<lename> Lowest replica file name.
filenames <additional files> Specified additional members of the ensemble. If not specified ensemble members will be search for using numerical extensions.
<readdata args> Additional data file arguments.

Read data sets as an ensemble, i.e. each file is a different member of an ensemble.

This command is MPI-aware.

If one filename is given, it is assumed it is the “lowest” member of an ensemble with a numerical extension, e.g. ‘file.001’ and the remaining files are searched for automatically. Otherwise all other members of the ensemble can be specified with ‘filenames’ and a comma-separated list e.g. ‘file.001 filenamesle.002, file.003, file.004.’

For additional ‘readdata’ arguments that can be passed in see readdata command.

For example, to read in data files named cpout.001 to cpout.006 automatically:

readensembledata cpout.001 cpin cpin name PH

Or specified:

readensembledata cpout.001 filenames cpout.002,cpout.003,cpout.004,cpout.005,cpout.006 cpin name PH