Calculate lipid order parameters SCD(|<P2>|) for lipid chains. Automatically identifies lipids.

lipidscd [<name>] [<mask>] [{x|y|z}] [out <file>] [p2]

<name> Output data set name.
<mask> Atom mask specifying where to search for lipids.
x|y|z Axis to calculate order parameters with respect to (default z).
out <file> File to write order parameters to.
p2 If specified, report raw <P2> values.

DataSets Generated:
<name>[H1]:<idx> Hold lipid order parameters for each C-H1. Each lipid type will have a different <idx> starting from 0.

Calculate lipid order parameters SCD (|<P2>|) for lipid chains in mask <mask>. Lipid chains are identified by carboxyl groups, i.e. O-(C=O)-C1-...-CN, where C1 is the first carbon in the acyl chain and CN is the last. Order parameters will be determined for each hydrogen bonded to each carbon. If ‘p2‘ is specified the raw <P2> values will be reported.