Update/add parameters in/to a topology.

parm <name> | parmindex <#> setname <parm set>

parm <name> | parmindex <#> Topology to update.
setname <parm set> Topology or parameter data set containing parameters to use.

NOTE: This command is provided for convenience only.
For editing topology files, ParmEd is a much better alternative.

Update parameters in specied topology with those from <parm set>. <parm set> can either be a parameter set or a topology. If a parameter from <parm set> does not exist in the topology it will be added.

For example, to modify parameters in a topology file named lys.parm7 with those from parameter file kcx.str:

# Read Topology to modify
parm lys.parm7
# Read CHARMM parameters
readdata kcx.str as charmmrtfprm name MyParm
# Update parameters in Topology with those from kcx.str
updateparameters parmindex 0 setname MyParm
# Write out the updated Topology
parmwrite out lys.kcx.parm7