Perform linear regression on multiple input data sets.

regress <dset0> [<dset1> ...] [name <name>] [nx <nxvals>][out <filename>] [statsout <filename>]

dsetX Data set(s) to perform linear regression for.
name <name> Data set name for resulting linear fits.
nx <nxvals> Number of X values to use in output data set(s) (ranging from input set min to max X). If not specified, input X values used.
out <filename> File to write fit lines to.
statsout <filename> File to write fit statistics to.

DataSets Generated:
<name>:<idx> Output fit line(s) (indexed by input set order if more than one input set).
<name>[slope]:<idx> Output fit line slope(s).
<name>[intercept]:<idx> Output fit line intercept(s).

Perform linear regression on the specified data set(s). The fit line is calculated using either the input X values or <nxvals> values ranging from the input set minimum to maximum X. Statistics for the fit(s) are saved to the file specified by statsout or reported to STDOUT.

For example, to fit data read in from a file and then create a set using the fit parameters:

readdata esurf_vs_rmsd.dat.txt index 1 name XY
runanalysis regress XY name FitXY statsout statsout.dat
createset "Y = FitXY[slope] * X + FitXY[intercept]" xstep .2 nx 100
writedata Y.dat Y