Calculate 1D histograms (optionally with a kernel N 1D scalar density estimator) from multiple input data sets.

multihist [out <filename>] [name <dsname>] [norm | normint] [kde] [min <min>] [max <max>] [step <step>] [bins <bins>] [free <T>]<dsetarg0> [ <dsetarg1> ... ]

out <filename> Output file.
name <dsname> Name for resulting histogram data sets.
norm (Only used if not kde) Normalize so that max bin is 1.0.
normint (Default for kde) Normalize integral over histogram to 1.0.
kde Use kernel density estimator to construct histogram.
min <min> Histogram minimum (default data set minimum).
max <max> Histogram maximum (default data set maximum).
step <step> Histogram step.
bins <bins> Number of histogram bins.
free <T> Calculate free energy from bin populations as G = -R * <T> * ln( Ni / Nmax ).
<dsetargX> Data set argument – may specify more than one.

Histogram each data set separately in 1D. Must specify at least bins or step.