Create or append to a COORDS set from a file

loadcrd <filename> [parm <parm> | parmindex<#>] [<trajin args>] [name <name>] [prec {single|double}

<filename> Trajectory file to load.
[parm <parmle/tag>] Topology filename/tag to associate with trajectory (default first topology).
[parmindex <#>] Index of Topology to associate with trajectory (default 0, first topology).
[<trajin args>] Additional trajin
[name <name>] Name of the COORDS set.
[prec {single|double}] Load as either a single-precision COORDS set (the default) or a double-precision FRAMES set (which will use much more memory).

Immediately load trajectory <filename> as a COORDS data set named <name> (default base name of <filename>). If <name> is already present the coordinates will be appended to the existing data set.

For example, to load frames from trajectories named ’traj1.nc’ and ’traj2.nc’ into a COORDS data set named Crd1:

loadcrd traj1.nc name Crd1
loadcrd traj2.nc name Crd2