Calculate 1D histogram from given data set using a kernel density estimator. Also time-dependent Kullback-Leibler divergence analysis with another set.

kde <dataset> [bandwidth <bw>] [out <file>] [name <dsname>][min <min>] [max <max] [step <step>] [bins <bins>] [free] [kldiv <dsname2> [klout <outfile>]] [amd <amdboost_data>]

[bandwidth <bw>] Bandwidth to use for KDE; if not specified bandwidth will be estimated using the normal distribution approximation.
[out <file>] Output file name.
[name <dsname>] Output data set name.
[min <min>] Minimum bin.
[max <max>] Maximum bin.
[step <step>] Bin step.
[bins <bins>] Number of bins.
[free] Calculate free energy from bin population.
[kldiv <dsname2> [klout <outfile>]] Calculate Kullback-Leibler divergence over time of <dataset> distribution to <dsname2> distribution. Output to <outfile> if klout specified.
[amd <amdboost_data>] Reweight histogram using AMD boost data from data set <amdboost_data> (in KT).

Histogram 1D data set using a Gaussian kernel density estimator.