Gnuplot Data File Options


For more information on these options it helps to look at the PM3D options in the Gnuplot manual (


[{nolabels | labels}] [usemap | pm3d | nopm3d] [title <title>] [jpeg] [noheader] [{xlabels|ylabels|zlabels} <labellist>]

nolabels Do not print axis labels.
labels Print axis labels.
usemap pm3d output with 1 extra empty row/col (may improve look).
pm3d Normal pm3d map output.
nopm3d Turn off pm3d
jpeg Plot will write to a JPEG file when used with gnuplot.
title <title> Set plot title (default is file name.
binary Plot will be written in binary format.
header Format the plot so it can be directly processed by gnuplot. This is usually the default behavior.
noheader Do not format plot; data output only.
palette <arg> Change gnuplot pm3d palette to <arg>:
’rgb’ Red, yellow, green, cyan, blue, magenta, red.
’kbvyw’ Black, blue, violet, yellow, white.
’bgyr’ Blue, green, yellow, red.
’gray’ Grayscale.
xlabels|ylabels|zlabels <labellist> Set x, y, or z axis labels with comma-separated list, e.g. ’xlabels X1,X2,X3’.