Gnuplot Data File Options


For more information on these options it helps to look at the PM3D options in the Gnuplot manual (


[nolabels] [usemap] [pm3d] [nopm3d] [jpeg] [noheader] [{xlabels|ylabels|zlabels} <labellist>]

nolabels Do not print axis labels.
usemap pm3d output with 1 extra empty row/col (may improve look).
pm3d Normal pm3d map output.
nopm3d Turn off pm3d
jpeg Plot will write to a JPEG file when used with gnuplot.
noheader Do not format plot; data output only.
palette <arg> Change gnuplot pm3d palette to <arg>: ’rgb’ Red, yellow, green, cyan, blue, magenta, red. ’kbvyw’ Black, blue, violet, yellow, white. ’bgyr’ Blue, green, yellow, red. gray’ Grayscale.
xlabels|ylabels|zlabels <labellist> Set x, y, or z axis labels with comma-separated list, e.g. ’xlabels X1,X2,X3’.