Calculate the RMSD of dihedrals to dihedrals in a reference structure.

dihedralrms [<name>] <dihedral types> [out <file>] [ first | reference | ref <name> | refindex <#> | previous | reftraj <name> [parm <name> | parmindex <#>] ] [dihtype <name>:<a0>:<a1>:<a2>:<a3>[:<offset>] ...] [tgtrange <range> [refrange <range>]]

[<name>] Output data set name.
<dihedral types> Dihedral types to look for. Note that chip is ‘protein chi’, chin is ‘nucleic chi’.
[out <filename>] Output file name.
[dihtype <name>:<a0>:<a1>:<a2>:<a3>[:<oset>] Search for a custom dihedral type called <name> using atom names <a0>, <a1>, <a2>, and <a3>. Offset:-2=<a0><a1> in previous res,-1=<a0> in previous res, 0=All <aX> in single res, 1=<a3> in next res, 2=<a2><a3> in next res.
[tgtrange <range>] Residue range to look for target dihedrals in. Default is all solute residues.
[refrange <range>] Residues range to look for reference dihedrals in. If not specified, use target range.

Calculate RMSD of selected dihedrals to dihedrals in a reference structure. See the multidihedral command syntax for a list of all available dihedral types.