Calculate autocorrelation function for multiple data sets.

autocorr [name <dsetname>] <dsetarg0> [<dsetarg1> ...] [out <filename>] [lagmax <lag>] [nocovar] [direct]

<dsetarg0> [dsetarg1> ...] Argument(s) specifying datasets to be used.
[name <dsetname>] Store results in dataset(s) named <dsetname>:X.
[out <filename>] Write results to file named <filename>.
[lagmax] Maximum lag to calculate for. If not specified all frames are used.
[nocovar] Do not calculate covariance.
[direct] Do not use FFTs to calculate correlation; this will be much slower.

This is for integer/double/float datasets only; for vectors see the timecorr command.

Calculate auto-correlation (actually auto-covariance by default) function for datasets specified by one or more dataset arguments. The datasets must have the same # of data points.